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Our story

Welcome to Ready, Set, Dragon! We are an EU Horde World of Warcraft community.

Most of us met during Legion, when we participated in the #FriendshipBirb movement, in another community. Our goal was, and still is, to help as many players as possible obtain their Ahead of the Curve mounts – for free! #FriendshipBirb is an initiative to counter the elitist pug groups and the various communities selling the mount for seemingly unaffordable amounts of gold. By the end of the expansion, we managed to help over 2.000 players receive their Violet Spellwing mounts!

Once Legion came to its end, we all went our separate ways for various reasons. However, we all knew one thing for sure: we didn’t want to stop helping others! We just had so much fun helping and boosting others that we started planning what would eventually become RSD.

During the 8.3 patch of Battle for Azeroth, we opened the RSD server to the public. After a terribly painful brainstorming we came up with the name “Ready, Set, Dragon!”.

Throughout this entire journey one thing remained the same: our community has continuously been dedicated to helping people accomplish achievements and various in-game goals, that they otherwise would not have been able to achieve – at least not without expecting compensation in return. We achieve this through community effort and spirit!

This is why we keep doing what we are doing!
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