The #FriendshipInitiative (a.k.a. #FriendshipMount) began as #FriendshipMoose, a movement that started during Warlords of Draenor. This initiative aimed to counter the elitist pug groups as well as the various communities selling the heroic Ahead of the Curve mount for seemingly unaffordable amounts of gold. Instead, the #FriendshipInitiative aims to carry and boost members by giving away both the AotC achievement & mount – for free!

We joined this movement during Legion, when it became the #FriendshipBirb. By the end of the Legion expansion, we managed to help over 2.000 players receive their Violet Spellwing mount!

Subsequently, during BFA, we continued the legacy of the Friendship Initiative as #FriendshipDragon. We have managed to give away over 2.600 Uncorrupted Voidwing mounts!

We plan to carry on the legacy of the Friendship Initiative into Shadowlands! Join us and our fellow #FriendshipInitiative communities to stay up to date!